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With all of the monitoring tools on the market, Netreo was able to be implemented in a day to start gathering data. There were no hours of configuration, they did almost all of it on the back end to get what we needed, and 95% of everyone needed in minutes. Add device or server and Boom: Data, Add a user and email, Boom: Alerts. The configuration of the counters, templates, and alarms are easy and for the most part intuitive (and there is a search that will find what you can't), almost everything is configurable to get it just the way you want, for everything else, their support can get it done. Simple, effective, and powerful!  

Systems Architect - AGC Biologics
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Because the tool is intuitive, as well as the great support we received, it was possible to perform the installation and configuration quickly. The proactive actions of the tool have allowed me to solve first level problems very quickly. So my team is more focused on continuous improvement.  

IT Manager - Agis Distribuição
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The support from Netreo is something which I really appreciate. We have been using OMNI monitoring tool from Netreo and this is what we really wanted which can be customizable and GUI should be user-friendly which exactly it is.  

Network Operations Manager - Alight Solutions
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It helps to notify when something is not working as normal, so then you can automate escalation or compute, you can also customize alerts depending on your needs (size of queue), you also can notice when SQL it's receiving more request (connections) than expected, and you can find if it's a normal load or if there is a performance issue. We use Netreo for monitoring SQL Azure and Cloud Services and Storage Queues, it helps us to maintain our Uptime and prevent an issue due to SQL or compute problems.  

Application Manager Services - Formiik
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Their expert support team is extremely helpful. Test it out and see what it can do - don't be afraid to ask the team about any parameter you desire to monitor. They can do amazing things with this solution! Netreo monitors and alerts us on an extensive set of servers and network gear in our environment  

Systems Administrator - Moreno Valley Unified School District
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It easy to find and locate the source of any issue. Rather than having several alerts all over the place, Netreo's parent system allows us to review only the critical alerts to provide a quicker and faster response. I enjoy the multiple dashboards, specifically the network operations center view. This is my go-to to visually locate any issues we may be having around our entire district. Using a map of our city and then placing each location within that map, we could easily navigate to any site with just a click. This is also a great tool for our executive team that needs just a big picture view of the status of our network. It's a great tool to help maintain your enterprise network. We are using Netreo to help us find bottlenecks and how we can make our network more efficient. This also helps with the baseline performance of all of our devices. We can see what trends we are having and also use that data and information to make better decisions on where to take our network to next. It certainly helped to determine the bandwidth needs of our growing student base.  

Network Manager - Moreno Valley Unified School District
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Netreo's staff is extremely responsive, assisting us with our needs and desires to use OmniCenter as a worthwhile tool in our environment. They have great expertise in their product and in how to help us tackle the challenges we face when attempting to holistically monitor and maintain our technology. Netreo allows us to monitor our entire network environment including detailed indicators that might expose potential problems. Beyond helping us to quickly address and correct any outages or issues Netreo also allows us to easily report and demonstrate our compliance with key goals. For instance, we can quickly report on battery run times for critical equipment like phones and wireless should power be lost to a building and present this to business leaders.  

Director of Information and Instructional Technology, CTTO - Val Verde Unified School District
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Netreo is quick to set up and one can start getting value within a few hours. If you are looking for the easy button, Netreo is for you. A breeze to set up, and covers all the basics. Netreo helps with hybrid cloud server monitoring and Microsoft 365 health monitoring. Netreo is truly a "set it and forget" system that is very reliable and therefore reduces administrative overhead.

CTO - Whitlock IS
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