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Are You Asking the Right Questions When It Comes to Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a prevalent and accepted part of today’s overall IT landscape. However, rather than ask “Should we use AI?” it’s more important to consider the question of “What can AI do for my organization? Can Artificial Intelligence be leveraged to address the real pains that Network and Systems Administrators experience every day? Netreo’s AI-powered AMIEL module, available as an add-on to the core monitoring platform, can show you how. Ask for Netreo’s AI Network Management Module.

How it Works

Three Pillars of AI/ML Effectiveness

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AI Network Management - Observe and Analyze Results

Observe and Analyze Results

All actions taken by the AI-Administrator module are logged for change control and audit compliance purposes.

AI Network Management - AI/ML Interrogation

AI/ML Interrogation

The AI engine constantly looks for predictive data models indicating patterns, clusters and configurations that can be highlighted and acted upon.

AI Network Management - Automate and Remediate

Automate and Remediate

When patterns are detected Netreo Active Response can be called upon to remediate the issue itself or wait for human for guidance.

AI/ML Module at a Glance

The Netreo AI/ML is an add-on component for your Netreo software. It can be used to intelligently monitor your infrastructure and save time from redundant operations.


  • Reduces and corrects human errors by eliminating the need for manual tuning and tweaking of the application.
  • Increases team efficiency. By eliminating the need for personnel to dedicate time to tool maintenance it frees up resources that can be deployed to address other mission-critical tasks within your IT organization.
  • Improves alert accuracy. The AI engine that’s a part of the module constantly scans and tunes your configuration. Therefore, the likelihood of false positive alerts decreases dramatically.

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