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An Insight into Azure’s Container Registry

By: Netreo
July 21, 2017

The latest version of Azure Container Registry is now available in three options:

–    Basic.

–    Standard.

–    Premium.

These registries have been made available by Microsoft within three major regions including West Central United States, Western Europe, and the Eastern United States. It is being claimed by the authorities that the support for other regions will continue to release in the months to follow as they are waiting for the feedback first. The list of features available in the registry are as:

–    AAD Authentication.

–    Webhook Operations.

–    Delete Operations.

Microsoft azure container registry

Managed Registries and SKUs:

These registries come with managed Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) which will be used for the storage of accounts by ACR service. It will rule out the dependability factor under which a specific user’s account was entrusted to handle the storage. This has improved the reliability and has enabled latest features which weren’t possible at all earlier.

Managed registries have also made the authentication access easier which was once thought to be one of the most hectic tasks. Now, you don’t have to follow the lengthy process which either included enabling the single admin account or by configuring a service principal. You can easily sign in via using your AAD credentials and it’ll work for any managed registry which you intend to create. In other words, you’ll have to log in only for the first time using your AAD credentials via azure cli, and you will have each and every registry under your AAD account.

Delete Functionality:

Another latest functionality which has been provided by the Microsoft in registry SKUs is, now the user can enjoy the privilege to delete the repository, images and even tags from the registry rather than deleting the entire registry. The user can access this feature by looking into the context menu in the Azure Portal.

Webhook Notifications:

In order to provide connected workflows, another functionality of webhook notifications has been introduced. Users can configure the webhook notifications in order to get notified by instant prompts related to push or delete actions. If you want to test any webhook, you can easily make a ping call and you will be notified as expected.

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