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An Insight Into Cosmos DB in Azure Storage Explorer

By: Netreo
December 5, 2017

Cosmos DB is added to Azure Storage Explorer (ASE) to make it more powerful programming tool. The database lets you explore more manage the user experience and manipulate data. You can manage Cosmos entities in a better and more protected way while the creation of the stored procedures has become effortless. Moreover, the triggering of functions and management of User Defined Functions are not a big deal anymore. It helps you to insert a query and highlight the syntax with the help of suggestions. The facility allows you browse Cosmos DB and its resources without missing the services like files, Blob, queues, and tables.

Benefits of ASE

The key benefit of Azure is the ease of managing Azure database and storage resources. When you enable, you can understand the explorer experience for Cosmos structure and database. It gives outstanding navigation experience to and gives you better control over Cosmos account and hierarchies. The other benefits of ASE include the enhanced accessibility of data and reliable performance.

Advanced Features of ASE

Create and delete the database, search Cosmos, open Cosmos DB account, and add quick resource list are the new features of Azure Storage Explorer. The user can create and delete database as per requirement while added options in documents include create, edit, delete, and filter options. Moreover, you can create and delete collection and trigger user-defined functions. Likewise, the user can create, edit, and delete stored procedures. Windows, Linux, and Mac users can install Azure Storage Explorer as it’s compatible with every platform.

An Insight Into Cosmos DB in Azure Storage Explorer

To start using Azure Storage Explorer, check out the detailed instruction of Storage Explorer and experience the demo of Cosmos from the link Use Azure Cosmos DB in Azure Storage Explorer.

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