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Announcing the Consumption and Charge APIs for Azure Customers

By: Netreo
August 5, 2017

Microsoft has recently announced the general availability release of the latest Charge and Consumption APIs for the enterprise users of Azure. The Enterprise customers of Microsoft Azure can utilize these APIs to access the charge and usage data which can be of use for Azure and the Marketplace resources. The Consumption and Charge APIs are something which is going to give the organizations, an ability to gain deeper insights. The support for both Custom date ranges and the billing periods have been increased because of the advancements in the Usage details and the Marketplace Store Charge APIs. Authorities have decided to continue the operations being run by the prevailing API till December 4. After the mentioned date, the services from this API will be deprecated.

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Details and Features of the APIs:

  • Balance & Summary: The Balance & Summary application programming interface is offering the users with a monthly report on the balances, Azure Marketplace service charges, overage charges, adjustments and over the new purchases as well.
  • Usage Details: The Usage Detail application programming interface (API) is offering its users with the privilege of a daily breakdown on the quantities which are consumed. The developer can run billing period queries to extract the relevant information.
  • Marketplace Store Charge: This API also offers a daily breakdown and it also needs to be queried over the start and end date.
  • Price Sheet: The Price Sheet API is something which gives the customer with an applicable rate for each meter against every enrollment and the billing period. The developers have added a special meterId field which intends to aid the customers to cross check the data along with the usage.

Apart from the abovementioned APIs, there is another one known as the Billing Period API and this API is used to return the billing periods with respect to data consumption against every enrollment. The data is sorted in a chronological order and it can be dealt with easily after the whole file has been generated. Microsoft is working on providing these APIs in the form a proper API set so that it can be utilized in the right way. In coming days, the developers will find many advancements in Microsoft Azure.

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