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Azure App Service: Now Available for Jenkins

By: Netreo
August 17, 2017

Azure App Service is making marvelous progress in the field of development and now the Azure App Service plugin is available for Jenkins as well. The plugin has brought ease for the developers and they can continuously deploy Azure web apps effortlessly. All you need is to use the Team Service together with Jenkins according to your environment. The other option is leveraging this plugin to deliver your web services uninterruptedly.

Whether you are working in .NET or Node.JS, Azure Web App is compatible with every language and lets the developers build and deploy the website. Managing the development process of the websites in PHP, Java, and Python has become easier than ever with the help of Azure Web App. The best part of the Azure app service plugin is the availability of various features which let you focus on the code application. These features include built-in auto scale, high availability, load balancing, and auto patching. If you are a Linux developer, then you can now run your cloud apps natively on Docker as the public preview of  Web App on Linux is available from now on.

Git and FTP for Web App and Docker for Web App on Linux are the two possible ways to deploy the new release of Azure App Service plugin for Jenkins.  Deploying a Java app to Web App on Linux on Jenkins Hub is the walkthrough to access the available services. Here is pictorial depiction how the Web App on Linux works.

microsoft azureAzure App Service: Now Available for Jenkins

Azure Storage Plugin Update:

Azure Storage Plugin offers excellent customer support and one can upload and download the available artifacts of the code from Azure Storage plugin. To upload the code use the following syntax:

azureUpload storageCredentialId: ”, storageType: ‘blobstorage’,

containerName: ”, filesPath: ”, virtualPath: ”

For downloading, use the following code:

azureDownload storageCredentialId: ”, downloadType: ‘container’, containerName: ”, includeFilesPattern: ”, downloadDirLoc: ”

Microsoft Azure provides further information about the coding on Using Azure Storage with a Jenkins plugin and on Jenkins Hub.

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