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Nested Virtualization in Microsoft Azure: A Latest Breakthrough

By: Netreo
July 20, 2017

The idea of nested virtualization using any extension or batch files was considered merely a concept once. Now, Microsoft has successfully turned this idea into reality by enabling the nested virtualization via EV3 and DV3 Virtual Machine sizes. The representative of technical support staff has further promised that they will continue to expand the horizon of support to several VM sized in the months to come.

Nested Virtualization

In this article, we are going to discuss a couple of use cases along with a little bit illumination of the roadmap which should be followed in order to enable the nested virtualization.

Initially, creating a VM within a VM was a theoretical concept limited to the books. Now, the advancement in computer technology has enabled the creation of virtual machine within a virtual machine. Apart from this, the user is now capable enough to create a Hyper-V container using Docker. This advancement has marked a milestone by providing flexibility in several areas such as:

–    Software Development.

–    Software Testing.

–    Customer Training.

–    Demonstration and etc.

For instance, you need to test a system developed by your development team, by the testing team. Your development team can now upload the whole build on Azure using Hyper-V. The testing team can easily create a VM within a VM which will replace the Hyper-V hosts. Soon after that, the testing engineer will enjoy full control over the deployed build as it will resume the controls of Hyper-V while being in Azure.

Another use case is, suppose your development team wants to run the code of the prototype. There is no need to contaminate the real-time environment of the machine with several code patches and exe files which result after a piece of code are run. The team lead can create a VM within a VM where the entire team can run as much code as they want to, without causing an impact on the machine.

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