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Azure Serverless: An Effortless Way to Build and Deploy Apps

By: Netreo
August 18, 2017

Azure Serverless is an easy and effective way for the developers to build and deploy elastic-scale apps. It saves their time and efforts by providing them with unique tools to seamlessly tapping into the cloud which automatically boosts the speed of the app development. With the help of these tools, the developers can concentrate on the development process instead of worrying about the managing and scaling of the underlying infrastructure. Basically, Azure serverless has drawn a line between business infrastructure and coding. The abstraction lets the coders focus on the code by making business logic central.

Azure Functions for Azure Serverless Computing

Azure serverless platform offers a number of services which bring an ease for the developers to design and develop serverless applications. The series of fully managed services include the database, storage, intelligence, and analytics. No need to worry about the niche and environment as its compatible with every scenario. Let’s take a deep insight into the benefits of two central services of important pieces which have a great role in coding, for instance, Azure Functions and Azure Logic Apps.

Azure Function:

Azure functions work as services which allow the developers to provide their code in any language and Azure function executes it on demand. Binding is a unique concept introduced in Azure function to author and debugged these function locally on the developer’s machine. It works similar to Azure Storage and Event Hub which are one of the most powerful services of MS Azure. A function which can run locally can also scale up automatically to process countless events in the cloud.

Azure Logic Apps:

The dream of serverless workflow in a cloud has come true due to Azure logic apps. To add a new customer, one has to follow a complete procedure, like creating an email id, inclusion of the employee in the database, new login id, and new entry in CRM. The function of Azure Logic Apps is to combine these individual steps together and they bring a coherence to the overall workflow by allowing orchestration of data in the cloud. The developers don’t need to write complex glued code every time as Azure Logic Apps let them integrate their data in and out of these serverless apps and the all credit goes to 150 connectors which come to services like Salesforce, SAP, and Visual Studio which come with Azure Logic Apps. You can also orchestrate and connect the Functions and APIs with your applications.

Azure Serverless platform has offered a comprehensive end-to-end solution of using the cloud applications virtually and has brought several functions closer together like messaging, data processing, and intelligence. First Gas recently completed a complex application is the best example of application created with the help of Azure Serverless Platform.

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