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The Complete List of Azure Storage Tools

By: Netreo
February 22, 2016

Azure Storage provides the flexibility and run-time massive scalability needed to store and retrieve large amounts of data. With storage products including Azure Blob Storage, Azure Table Storage, Azure Queue Storage and Azure File Storage, it has everything to offer for modern cloud based enterprise storage needs.

Azure Storage Monitoring and Management is a vast domain. We have searched and compiled a complete list of  Azure Storage tools, which will make the life of cloud storage administrators much easier. From Azure Cloud Storage management, recovery, copying, transferring to syncing these storage tools do all.


Netreo Azure Storage Monitoring

Netreo can visualize and monitor availability of all three types of Storage services, measure and track performance characteristics by querying Storage Analytics, and keep tabs on queue-specific metrics.

Netreo provides a powerful set of monitoring features for Microsoft Azure Storage. Always know that it is keeping tabs on the most important information and presenting it to you in dashboards, charts and reporting.

  • Track and scale based on queue-specific metrics
  • Visualize availability statistics
  • Get alerted when storage is down or slow

Cloud Portam

cloud portam

Cloud Portam allows you to manage your Azure Storage resources from a simple to use browser based dashboard. It allows you to manage your Azure Subscriptions, Azure Storage, Azure Search Service, Azure DocumentDB and Azure Service Bus resources.

Azure Explorer


The Azure Explorer is an essential piece of cloud tool set for managing Azure Cloud Storage. It is primarily designed to manage and handle the operations and scalability of production size Azure Storage Blob data sets. It has a simple GUI that provides quick and efficient way to search, filter, transfer and manage storage blobs.

Azure Storage Explorer

Azure Storage Explorer

Azure Storage Explorer is a useful GUI tool for inspecting and altering the data in Windows Azure Storage. It can be used to create, view, copy and manage Azure Storage Blobs, Queues, and Tables.

CloudBerry Box for Microsoft Azure

CloudBerrylab Box

CloudBerry Box provides bi-directional synchronization of information over remote computers and nodes (on premises – Azure ). The data can easily be synchronized to and from on premises / cloud to Azure Cloud and vise versa.

CloudBerry Explorer for Microsoft Azure

CloudBerrylab Explorer

CloudBerry Explorer is a simple file manager for Microsoft Azure Storage. CloudBerry Explorer enables in accessing and managing Azure storage accounts, moving files and folders between local computers and Azure cloud storage.

CloudBerry Drive for Microsoft Azure

CloudBerrylab Drive

CloudBerry Drive enables in mounting and using Azure Storage as a system or outside drive to your Windows Server machine. With CloudBerry Drive you can work with documents in Azure storage directly from the Windows Explorer interface, the same route as though they were on your local drive.

ClumsyLeaf – CloudExplorer


CloudExplorer by ClumsyLeads is a an easy to use tool for cloud storage. With its modern and simple menu, users can move and copy data, files, blobs and folders between different cloud storage services including Amazon S3/Google Storage to Azure Blobs or Azure Files



A complete solution for scheduled backup of your SQL Azure databases, Azure blob storage, Azure file storage, Azure tables and SQL Server databases. In just a few minutes your cloud applications are moved down to either Azure or Amazon S3 storage.

SME Cloud File Explorer

SME Cloud File Explorer

SME Cloud Dile Exporer  is Free open source tools for Microsoft Azure services. Azure Tools include following modules.  Redis Viewer provides basic functionality to work with Microsoft Azure Redis hash set, set and string data types and tables Viewer provides basic functionality to view Microsoft Azure Tables Storage entities and blogs Viewer provides basic functionality to view Microsoft Azure Blob Storage entities.

Azure Tools

Storage Made Easy

This extension is for users who have a StorageMadeEasy Account . Free accounts can be signed up from a link within the extension. Storage Made Easy binds together Cloud Accounts from various File, Storage and Saas Providers and lets them be managed in one file tree. This extension gives a file screen progressive file manager that is exceptionally suitable for working and teaming up with a lot of information.

Microsoft Azure Xplat-CLI

Azure X-Plat CLI

This project gives a cross-platform charge line interface for developers and IT administrator to create, depoy and manage Microsoft Azure applications. This tool feature is Accounts Management, Azure Service Management, Storage, Virtual machines, Mobile Services, Service bus, SQL data base and much more.

DrinkBird’s Azure Storage Tools

Azure Storage Tools DrinkBird

DrinkBird’s Azure Storage Tools is an open source class library based on top of Azure Storage SDK, allowing an application to communicate with Azure Storage utilizing a more elevated amount of abstraction. For example, For example, instead of using String as a queue message type, an application can utilize legitimate class models, handling the serialization/deserialization process behind the scenes.

Command line for Azure Blob Storage

ZappyShellCommand line for azure blob Storage provide cool 25+ commands to perform various operations. Sync folder structure between local storage and Azure storage, Upload/download entire folder structure, Start server side copy and monitor using listcopy command, Delete Azure blobs/containers, Create new files with simple one line command and much more.

Ppolyzos – Cross-Platform Azure Storage Explorer

Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer

It’s a new tool that gives a file explorer for your Azure Blob Storage accounts, enabling you to easily work with your assets and containers from Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. reason to choose cross-platform azure storage exporer. Add Storage Accounts by account name and key, Local development storage, Create and delete blobs, queues, or tables, Upload, download, and delete blobs and folders and more features.

Cloud Storage Studio – (C) Cerebrata


Manage Microsoft Azure blobs, tables and queues

  • Easily upload and download your Microsoft Azure blob storage
  • Quickly inspect, edit and filter Microsoft Azure tables
  • View and debug your Microsoft Azure queues

Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer

Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer

Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer (Preview) is a standalone app from Microsoft that allows you to easily work with Azure Storage data. The Preview release currently supports Azure Blobs only. Tables, queues, and files are coming soon.

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