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Azure Welcomes Cray Supercomputers

By: Netreo
December 5, 2017

The partnership of Microsoft Azure and Cray has brought immense ease for the Azure users who work on complex tasks like precision medicine, scientific research, manufacturing, and energy. The collaboration will give users the direct access to supercomputer capabilities and use the power of HPC and AI in an agile way.

Azure Welcomes Cray Supercomputers

The use of supercomputer in businesses can transform the complete working process and it will surely prove a remarkable innovation and breakthrough experiment. Microsoft Azure is also making efforts to support the vision of innovation and has joined hands with InfiniBand. The cooperation helps the users to simplify the management of hybrid HPC deployment to give an edge to the public cloud.

Cray and Azure are taking measures to bring ease in the lives of the customers and provide them a scalable and elastic environment by giving them the best combination of outstanding performance and agility. While using the Cray XC or CS series in supercomputers, there is no need to shut down the other programs to run HPC and Al applications as you can use these applications with other cloud workloads. The best part of Cray systems is their easy integration with other Azure machines like Microsoft AI Platform, Azure Data Store Lake Storage, Azure Machine learning Service, and Azure Virtual machines. The integration of these machines gives better workflow and increased collaboration.

All of the integrated services are available in cloud and datacenters present in all over the world can get benefit from it. Moreover, government agencies and compliance regions are providing these services. The use of Cray and Azure services are supported by the HP experts and customers can run a broad array of hybrid workflows in the available cloud.  For the further details, check out Cray website.

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