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Benefits of Azure Data Lake Tools

By: Netreo
December 5, 2017

Azure Data Lake tools provide a new and efficient environment of programming. Programmers who look for a lightweight U-SQL editor can opt for ADL tools for VSCode. The tools are equally compatible for other platforms like Mac and Linux. U-SQL framework is built for scaling for out big data queries which you can run on a serverless cloud environment. Moreover, you can plugin other languages like .NET, R, and Python algorithms. The declarative style of these languages is similar to SQL.

The recent release of VSCode offers a cross platform code editor to edit and submit U-SQL files in ADL tools analytics. The update has improved the user experience, usability, and integration with Azure Storage. The other benefits include the outstanding performance, list of storage paths, and easy preview of files.

The main goal of using VS code is the lightweight approach and to accomplish this goal, the developers have removed the .NET core and Java dependencies from the extension. Both window users and non-windows users can install the Azure Data Lake tool.

What are the Customer Benefits of ADLS?

Following are the benefits of ADLS:

  • Increased ADLS file downloading status.
  • Ability to upload single or multiple files.
  • No dependency on Windows due to the removed Java dependency.
  • Better tools performance due to the architectural improvements.
  • Excellent starting experience with C# extension installation optional.

The use of Azure Data Lake Tool for VSCode is very easy and effective and users can get more information from Data Lake Tools for VSCode. ADL Tools for VSCode User instructions video are available for the users which informs you how to Develop U-SQL assemblies for Azure Data Lake Analytics jobs.

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