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Benefits of End-to-End Azure Monitoring Solutions for Apps and Infrastructure

By: Netreo
October 31, 2017

Analytics and monitoring capabilities of Azure are increased with an end-to-end solution and it has also optimized certain other factors like log analytics, application performance, metrics exploration, and failure investigation. The Azure monitor helps you to check and analyze the performance of cloud resources. Whether you want to check the applications or individual lines, Azure Monitor provides you a complete mechanism for it. Unified overview is a public preview of the Azure monitor and it’s like a starting point for navigation and various other services.

Following are the new features Azure Monitor:

  • See the notable issues and infrastructure at the same place.
  • Near real-time alerting system is available for public preview in platforms like Virtual Machines, Event Hub, and ServiceBus.
  • Our documentation option provides you the details and listing of all resources supported by near real-time alerting.
  • You can enable new sources, metrics, and logs from services like Networking, Storage, Load Balancer, Express Routes, and Data Lake Analytics.
  • Chart metrics from different resources.
  • Apply filters to value combinations and see for each dimension value.

Apart from the above-mentioned features, Azure monitor lets you integrate your IT Service Management Tools with other tools of your choice by using new ITSM action in Action groups.  ITSM Connector Solution allows the quick and instant migration log data.

What is New Log Analytics & Container Monitoring solution?

Azure Application Insights and Azure Log Analytics are added in the new features of Azure Monitor which lets you check the public preview of cross-resource querying. It helps the user to get multiple Application Insights applications and view the multi-tiered or geo-distributed applications for logical infrastructure group.

Container Monitoring Solution offers complete support for Windows Kubernetes Environment and helps the users to avail the container services for events, monitoring, logs, and inventory. With the help of package manager, you can share and use software built for Kubernetes and deploy Container Monitoring onto their Linux Kubernetes environment.

What is Revamped User Experience in Azure Application Insight?

Application Insights have entirely renewed the user experience for Performance Monitoring and Failure Diagnostics to enhance the interactive and contextual insights. Customers can quickly triage the specific end-user experience. Moreover, you can check the effective transitions to code-level visibility. It also helps you quickly identify and fix the top failing operations and failing dependencies.

Visual Studio Mobile Center allows its customers to connect to Application Insights and export a copy of their telemetry events. You can also entertain the queries and analyze the Mobile Center Data with full-featured Applications Insight.

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