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Benefits of Using Azure Analysis Services over Azure SQL DB and DW

By: Netreo
August 18, 2017

Microsoft Azure has introduced and given access to its customers to Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services which allows every business user to check business data. For the modern data driven organizations, it’s mandatory to provide access to business data to every stakeholder instead of limiting it to the IT professionals only. SQL Server Analysis Services make it possible to make information available on fingerprints and guide the users in day-to-day decisions.

microsoft azure analysis services

Businessmen who lack expertise in evaluating data by importing it and giving it the right shape before exploring its insights can create semantic models over the raw data with the help of Azure Analysis Services. The highly optimized in-memory engine works quickly and elicits the required data in exceptionally higher speed. The two major functions of Azure Analysis Services server are mentioned below.

Provide Semantic Models: Azure Analysis services server is like a lens which lets your business users get their desired data without facing any inconvenience. They even don’t need to change the structure of the database as it presents data in a simple and easy to elicit way.

Excellent Speed: A fast memory data caching layer is present inside the Azure Analysis server which provides information with the speed of the thought. The embedded cache is so powerful that it provides information from the billions of rows as it’s capable of reducing the load of the data store and focuses on the interactive queries only. In this way, the user can save both his time and efforts.

Azure portal server helps the users to try Azure Analysis web design and experience its compatibility with their data.

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