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Best Way to Create Enterprise Grade BI Models with Azure Analysis Services

By: Netreo
August 28, 2017

Every big or small enterprise should provide access to its data to its users as it has become a necessary demand of every successful data-driven organizations. Analytics Engine in Microsoft SQL Server also offers Azure Analysis Services which helps the enterprises to make data available at fingerprints to everyone instead of limiting it only to IT professionals and data handlers. The day-to-day decisions tremendously depend on the genuine data collected by the companies.

BI Models - azure business intelligence

BI tools play an important part in business data as they provide access to business users of the data and let them make useful models from the data. BI tools are the solution for various business men who don’t know how to find the right source of the data and unable to lift heavy data. To get optimal results from the data, a businessman should follow certain steps like importing the raw data, transferring it into the rights shape, and applying business logics over it. Azure Analysis Services helps the professionals to make creative semantic models over the raw data and give them a deep insight to explore the new things. All the thanks go to the highly optimized in-memory engine that gives a quick response to the users ‘queries. Watch the video to get to know the further guidance on BI models and find the way of its designing.

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