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Bing Map V8: Now in Azure IoT Remote Monitoring Solution

By: Netreo
July 26, 2017

Azure Internet of Things Suite has been developed to provide the customers, the privilege to manage and connect any of their smart devices in an effective, efficient and in a reliable manner. Previously, Bing Map V7 was made a part of the Azure IoT Suite which enabled the developers to identify the device locations along with their status on a well-designed dashboard. Microsoft has recently added the latest release of Bing Map, which is known as Bing Map V8 in the Azure IoT suite. Effective since 1st July 2017, the Bing Map V8 aims to deliver its following perks to the partners and customers:

  • A ten-fold increase in performance by making data transactions faster.
  • Its latest REST services are equipped with the facility to route requests in a total of about 117 languages, thus promoting cultural support.
  • Purely developer oriented.

Microsoft azure bing maps IoT - Azure loT suite

The developers can now leverage the extended support facility to perform the following tasks:

  • Each and every solution which the developer will deploy from the Azure IoT suite will automatically be garnished with latest V8 controls.
  • Features like device management along with Bing Map V8 will receive all updates automatically from the master branch.
  • Developers will have the authority to update the map control only by referencing a single commit.

Irrespective of whichever the scenario may be, the basic Bing Map API key against your account, will remain valid and customers are expected not to take any specific action considering the latest migration facility so far.

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