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Eliminating DevOps Monitoring Challenges, Part III: Monitoring Your Dev Environment

By: NetreoNoaa
November 23, 2020

Avoid slowing down response times, over-saturating infrastructure, damaging reputation, and adding unnecessary costs by monitoring your environment  

In the third installation of our “Eliminating DevOps Monitoring Challenges” blog series, we’ll share with you the importance of monitoring your dev environment in order to improve your DevOps monitoring.


Monitoring Your Dev Environment to Improve DevOps Monitoring

There are several good reasons to monitor your dev environment. It allows you to engage development early in the process and make sure they’re considering the ops side of the equation, and it allows you to potentially detect performance disrupting changes early on.  It also allows you to get good baseline data from the application so you know what the impact of user load is, and what might need code optimization. It makes transitioning into production monitoring a lot easier, too, as any issues with monitoring or telemetry collection will be detected prior to deployment.

You do have to be careful with how alerts are handled and where they go, but this can be easily managed with Netreo’s incident management rules – you can create a rule that takes any alerts coming from the ‘development servers’ category, or any device with ‘dev’ or ‘test’ in the name, and re-route them to a specific mailbox that won’t wake anyone up, but still gives them a place to see and track issues. Or open up tickets in the bug tracker for them instead of the ops ticketing system. You could also just suppress all the alerts, and schedule history reports to go out daily, to keep informed without being bothered. 

Devops Monitoring Solution - Netreo IT Infrastructure - Dev Environmet

Netreo integrates a network of “Remote Reflector” systems that allow your Netreo to monitor public-facing sites from all around the world, even if your Netreo is on-premise. Netreo provides a network of these for public-facing applications, or you can deploy your own for private-cloud monitoring. App monitors can be configured to run remotely, deploy on-premises or in any cloud for local views; are easy to configure and fully integrated, and can test from multiple locations simultaneously You can implement Netreo fully in the cloud, enabling access from anywhere, or deploy remote collectors in as many clouds as you like while keeping Netreo on-premise.

Netreo has the tools you need to keep an eye on your dev environment. Schedule a demo today!

Keep up to date with our blogs for the next parts of this series on how to improve your Dev Environment.

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