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Developing SaaS Applications with Multi-tenant Patterns

By: Netreo
February 12, 2018

A set of Saas applications contains different applications which use different database tendency models on SQL Database. These sets contain tutorials and management scripts which let you make your own SaaS app project without any assistance. They contain multiple SaaS-focused designs which help to accelerate application development on SQL database without facing any problem.

Major SQL Database SaaS App Pattern

Like the previous patterns, the same Wingtip Ticket application is implemented on each SaaS sample present in the set. It’s like an event listing application where venues are used as tenants for customers, events, and ticket sale. You can get end-to-end SaaS scenario with the help of available tutorial and scripts. You can provision the available tenants and monitor the complete schema with the help of patterns while cross tenant reporting and analytics can also be made with the help of SaaS app pattern.

All the three samples vary in database tenancy which differs them in their working capability too. The first sample is used as single tenant application and second is a multiple tenant application. The task of the third sample is to use it like a multi-tenant app with a sharded multi-tenant database.

Developing SaaS Applications with Multi-tenant Patterns - saas apps netreo

  1. Stand-Alone Application

A single database is used in single tenant application and the user can deploy it for multi-purpose. It can be managed as tenant’s subscription on the tenant’s behalf. The sample is the most expensive one as it provides the maximum isolation.

  1. Database-per-Tenant

If you are a service provider then this tenant model is for you. It connects you with a centralized system and share resources with sole tenants. Each venue makes its own database and can be hosted in elastic pools. Shard map is used for managing the features of the application.

  1. Sharded Multi-tenant Database

The service providers who look for a low-cost system and simplified management can go for this database. It allows the packing of many tenants in a single database provides an optimized cost for data storage.

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