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Efficient Resource Management with Azure Cloud Shell

By: Netreo
August 19, 2017

Managing your business resources when you are away from your workplace was a serious problem for the businessmen. Azure cloud shell has effectively addressed this problem and offered a reliable solution in the form of Azure Cloud Shell which offers browser-based experience and allows the user to access resources virtually from anywhere and anytime. The process of attaching Azure Cloud Shell with your Azure account requires a few steps while you can also attach it with the Azure File Storage in order to get immediate access to your resources. No specific browser or machine is required to avail this opportunity and you can get benefit from these features even from your Azure Mobile App.

Efficient Resource Management with Azure Cloud Shell

How Does It Work?

If you want to persist your files from anywhere, you need to follow the following procedure:

  • Setting up the connection with cloud Shell Environment is the first step. There are thousands of containers present in a configured form which always get ready to connect with you. These geo-diversified instances are many and the closer one is assigned you.
  • After establishing the connection, the next step is attaching the specified Azure File storage with the specific modules and scripts.
  • Do you need any specific version or update? The answer is in negation. Microsoft maintains and installs all the updates on its own. For this purpose, several tools are used, such as text editors, kubectl, etc. Moreover, it supports all major programming languages like DotNet, Python, and Node.js.

How to Launch Cloud Shell?

Whether you want to launch Cloud Shell from your browser or phone, you have to follow the same process. Logged into the Azure Portal and click on the “>_” button that is present at the upper right corner adjacent to your name and between the notification and settings. Azure Mobile App also lets you launch the app on your phone. To get more information, you can check out these tutorials docs.microsoft.com.

How to Try Cloud Shell Today?

  1. Get Azure Subscription.
  2. Preview for BASH and get PowerShel, registration.
  3. Click the following link to sign up https://aka.ms/PSCloudSignup
  4. An answer to the six questions.
  5. Check out the show after getting successful trial and preview.

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