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Exclusive Features of Azure Media Redactor

By: Netreo
August 17, 2017

Microsoft Azure has introduced its powerful Azure Media Redactor to ensure maximum privacy in your videos. Redactor blurs the faces in the video, and it’s very helpful for news reporters or videos where you need public security and don’t want to expose the identity of the people present in the recording. To customize the usability of the tool, you can use Redactor both automatically and manually, which will enhance the efficiency of the workflow and will give you the desired outcomes.

Exclusive Features of Azure Media Redactor

After the first release of the Redactor, various changes were made in the features upon the request and feedback of the users. The recent updates have made it more compatible with the users’ requirements. Following are exclusive features added up in the latest update of Redactor:

  1. Excellent Processing Speed.
  2. Good face detection due to the identification of faces in every frame and making it blur from other angles by using artificial intelligence.
  3. Stickier face ID Association to get optimal outcomes.
  4. Multiple blur modes and better automatic analysis of faces.

Improves performance is a dominant change in the Azure Media Redactor and it significantly depends on the size of the video. Moreover, the number of faces and frame rate are some other speed deciding factors. In the previous version, multiple IDs can be easily assigned to same faces in a video but the recent update has solved this issue and now the same face has the same ID in every frame. Now, making a face blur throughout the video is easier and don’t have to make select faces manually.

A good change can also be seen in the accuracy level of face detection than the previous version. Five blurring modes are available in the recent version and Med is selected by default while the remaining modes are low, high, Debug, and Black. Go to the JSON configuration to get access to these modes.  For example: {‘version’:’1.0′, ‘options’: {‘Mode’:’Combined’, ‘BlurType’:’High’}}.  The price and further details are available on the pricing page.

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