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FAQ – Netreo Azure and AWS Monitoring Capabilities

By: NetreoNoaa
February 23, 2022

Netreo SaaS delivers a single solution for simplifying how IT organizations optimize today’s hybrid blend of on-premises, public and private clouds that are common in complex, global enterprise infrastructures. With the upcoming release of cloud monitoring enhancements coming in March, Netreo SaaS will provide even greater, multi-cloud monitoring capabilities and extended functionality for Microsoft Azure and AWS cloud customers.

Featuring dynamic resource and service discovery, automated device onboarding, configuration and more, Netreo expedites time-to-value and significantly reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) of IT infrastructure management. Additional support for optimizing more than 30 Azure and AWS resources have been added to the popular SaaS solution that already provides comprehensive observability and monitoring across all of the most popular cloud providers and services.

Visit Netreo Cloud Monitoring Solutions for more on Netreo’s cloud monitoring capabilities, and see the FAQ below for details on Netreo’s cloud monitoring enhancements coming this March.


When are feature enhancements available in the product?

The Netreo cloud monitoring feature enhancements will be available on March 9, 2022. Users of the SaaS-based Netreo platform will be notified of availability via our regular product update communications emails.

Are the recently announced enhancements part of the base SaaS solution or an add-on feature?

All recently released features and capabilities are included in the base products for both Netreo SaaS cloud monitoring solutions, Professional and Ultimate 

What is the price?

Netreo’s simple device-based pricing applies to the enhanced cloud monitoring capabilities available in March.

If you are an existing customer, you can consume existing device licenses available with your subscription or you can purchase additional device licenses at the agreed upon per device rate in your subscription to cover the cloud resource you would like to monitor.

For new customers, Netreo Professional starts at $6 per resource per month, up to a maximum of 10,000 total resources. Please contact Netreo for pricing for the Netreo Ultimate, which monitors an unlimited number of resources.

Do current Netreo SaaS customers have to pay for the current cloud monitoring enhancements announced on Feb 23?

There is no additional cost for the Azure and AWS capabilities coming to Netreo SaaS on March 9th, however, each cloud resource being monitored will consume one device license. If you need to increase your available device licenses, please contact your account manager.

Do current Netreo SaaS customers have to do anything to activate these new features?

No, Azure and AWS monitoring capabilities will be available to all Netreo SaaS customers in the update on March 9th. For information on how to add your cloud resources to Netreo for monitoring, please visit the Netreo Docs Site.

Do new Netreo SaaS customers have to pay for the current cloud monitoring enhancements announced on Feb 23?

No. Netreo’s cloud monitoring capabilities are included with your subscription and usage is dependent on consumption of your subscription’s device licenses.

Where can I find documentation on new feature enhancements?

For information on new Netreo feature enhancements, please visit the Netreo Docs Site.

Can Netreo on-premises customers migrate to Netreo SaaS with enhanced cloud monitoring?

Netreo is currently evaluating migration options for customers to move from on-premises deployments to Netreo SaaS. If you are interested in migrating to Netreo SaaS, please inquire with your account manager.

What is happening with Netreo Essentials?

Existing Netreo Essentials customers will be supported until further notice, but no new versions will be sold.

Can current Netreo Essentials customers migrate or upgrade to either version of the Netreo SaaS cloud monitoring solution?

Netreo SaaS cloud monitoring solutions are built on an entirely different architecture, so there is no current migration path for Netreo Essentials customers. Consult Netreo sales for data migration options if interested in upgrading to Netreo SaaS cloud monitoring solutions from Netreo Essentials

What Azure monitoring capabilities have been added?

Azure Cloud Role (Web Role and Worker Role) Azure Application Gateway
Azure Virtual Machines – Windows Azure Automation
Azure Service Bus Azure WebApps
Azure Virtual Machines – Linux Azure Event Hub
Azure Stream Analytics Azure Media Service
Azure Virtual Network Gateway Azure Data Factory
Azure Backup Vault Azure Scheduler
Azure Billing Azure Site Recovery
Azure Windows VM Scale Sets Azure ExpressRoute
Azure Traffic Manager Azure Logic Apps
Azure Functions Azure Event Grid
Azure Load Balancer Azure API Management
Azure Cognitive Search Azure Kubernetes Service

What AWS resources can Netreo Monitor?

Amazon EC2 Instance Amazon API Gateway
Amazon S3 Bucket Amazon Lambda Function
Amazon RDS Amazon ELB


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