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Get to Know the ISVs Who Find their Cloud Footing on Azure

By: Netreo
August 28, 2017

The IT boom in the last few years has increased pressure on ISV’s to develop their own cloud roadmap and public demand is difficult for them to ignore for long. The statement of Gartner supports this fact which says that the IT enterprises have to give justification to their customers if they prefer something else on cloud option and this is not far than 2020. Transferring the data to the cloud is extremely effortless and Microsoft Azure provides a number of ways and options which accelerate the business transformation without involving a transfer agent.

azure ISV

We have a great example of Baker Hill who is the IT mind behind more than 600 banks and credit unions. He shares his marvelous experience of shifting data to the cloud and it merely took 48 hours and he even didn’t involve the datacenter. He followed Azure ExpressRoute and connected it with Equinix’s high-speed network.

Brainshark is another valuable example to follow. He was looking for the more elastic and comprehensive solutions free from the storage constraints to provide its clients cloud-based sales and training platform worldwide. The decision of switching to Azure proved right and it improved the end user experience. The maintenance cost also eliminated due to the transition vitality environment.  Brainshrak.Labs incubators also endorse the efforts of Azure cloud-based services and terms it a great help for their services like artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

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