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Global Online Gaming Platform on Azure

By: Netreo
August 27, 2017

Mobile gaming company Next Games has aligned their popular Walling Dead No Man’s Land game with the Walking Dead TV series. The outstanding innovation of Next Games is the building of successful global connections on Azure with 166 countries and the number of countries and developers are increasing day by day.

azure next

Cloud Based Environment

The game is built for the cloud based environment. The carefully crafted loosely coupled core back end service for Driller TM gaming platform ensures the maximum flexibility and ease in the use of the platform while it also helps to modify the various aspects of the mobile games running on the same platform. A robust infrastructure is necessary to run these features and the use of various options like gaming content update, in-app purchase, meta data scores, player computer, and the storing of the player states become effortless with the flexible Azure service. All credit goes to the Azure based architecture which fully supports simultaneous gaming sessions.

Security Efforts

Dynamic content delivery and assurance from fraud are the basic requirements for global gaming. The high-security checks never let a person add invalid value based on the last known player in the box and immediately report the client. Similarly, the dynamic content delivery has become possible and safe with the help of the published content on Azure Media Service and as soon as a new content publishes, the users get its notifications.

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