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How Developers Get Benefit from Bash in Cloud Shell?

By: Netreo
February 4, 2018

With the help of Bash, the developers can use interactive web-based experience by using Linux command-line experience without the boundaries of time and place. No strict rules and efforts are required to avail this opportunity and users can access the authenticated workstation by managing Azure resources and environment with a single click even when they are using  Azure mobile app, Azure Portal, and Azure Documentation.

azure cloud shell

Unlike the traditional command line environment, there is no need to install and select tools before starting work and you can save your time and efforts with Bash where ready to use Azure resources are available. All CLI tools such as text tools, build tools, container tools, and source tools are available in Bash and you can use secure and simple authentication of the tools with the help of CLI 2.0.

Major Improvements Since Launch  

The vast benefits of Bash in Cloud shell brought a lot of developing benefits for the users and the new updates include Tmux support, more than 10 default tools, better and fast speed, improved start-up, terraform auto-authentication, and improved bash history. The more updates are expected soon which will surely give a better experience to users.

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