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How the Perspective Analysis becomes Easy Azure Time Series Insight with Perspective View

By: Netreo
September 26, 2017

Perspective view enables analysists to analyze data in a comprehensive way and lets the engineers perform complex tasks associated with data. Multitasking, multistep analysis, time-based and pattern-based analysis, and viewing data are some prominent tasks which become easy with the help of perspective analysis. On the other hand,  Azure Time Series Insights has shown the customers an inclusive method to deeply analyze the data. The combination of both features boosts the insight of a data in just a few steps.

How to Accomplish Multistep Analysis?

First of all, select your environment by opening the Time Series Insight portal and click on the four squares buttons on the top right corner to start the perspective view. Perspective view saves a person from performing huge tasks to get the results of the threshold value, faulty devices, and the overall impact. The analyst can view the complete story at the same place. To get the complete story, The Time Series Insight keeps a track of every feature and investigates the entire process. Here is an example of the complete story.

How to Compare Today’s Trends with Yesterday’s Trends?

A time-based comparison is another feature which lets the users check the difference between previous and current period. The user has to perform only two steps to check the time-based comparison:

  1. Go to “perspective view” and make a clone of the current view.
  2. Change the timing of the in the cloned view.

A time-based comparison is important even when your queries aren’t saved on the basis of time as you can refer and validate expected behavior. With the help of perspective view, you can also view a saved query and make a comparison with the current query to check the progress of in the data. Moreover, this comparison is helpful to quickly verify the analysis.

See the example to get a better idea.

Azure Time Series Insight

What is the Global View of the Perspective View?

Most of the times companies make deployments in a specific area which makes it difficult to view it from different geo-locations in the real-time. This feature allows the users to check data per plant or location. Time Series Insight has made it possible to check all resources and features of each plant and let them know the overall productivity and performance.

Check the free  demo environment to explore the features of Time Series Insight.

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