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How to develop Go Apps for Azure with the Go SDK

By: NetreoNoaa
August 14, 2018

The latest Azure SDK for Go will help the Azure developers to develop applications for Azure with Go. The SDK features connecting the data sources like Cosmos DB and Azure Storage, deploying Azure resources programmatically, authenticating users, and much more. 

Why use Go? In today’s digitally transformed world, developer and software efficiency have a major impact on project success. Cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure increase efficiency by supervising the platforms and infrastructure on behalf of the developers. Go further increases the efficiency through clear syntax, modern standard libraries, native compilation, and reliable concurrency primitives.

Summary of Azure SDK for Go

Designers and developers can use the Azure SDK for Go to build cloud apps faster. For instance, there are several things which SDK allows:  

  • Interact with Azure object storage service, Azure Blob Storage
  • Connect to Azure database services like Cosmos DB, Azure DB for PostgreSQL and more
  • Authenticate users and services Azure Active Directory identities and Key Vault secrets
  • Provision and manage Azure resources like Virtual Machines, Virtual Networks, Storage Accounts, along with databases like Cosmos DB and PostgreSQL 
  • Analyze data with Azure Cognitive services

Get started with the Azure SDK for Go

  • Check out the GitHub repo for snippets and testable examples
  • Browse documentation in the Azure Go Dev Center
  • Full API documentation for the SDK is available on GoDoc

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