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How to Get Faster Compute Optimized Performance Tier for Azure SQL Data Warehouse?

By: Netreo
October 16, 2017

The analytics demand of companies has increased the importance of computing resources to efficiently process and visualize the datasets. Dallas Zoo is the best example who use and save data for the tracking of the elephant. They have to use data according to weather, attendance, and moon cycle. Azure SQL Data Warehouse is a faster performance tier which is known as petabyte-scale cloud service. It is designed for the customers who need high-performance for the analytics of the massive workloads.

How to Get Faster Compute Optimized Performance Tier for Azure SQL Data Warehouse?

There are several benefits of computer-optimized performance tier and it’s highly useful for the analytical workload. A few of them are mentioned below:

  • The impressive improvement in the query performance is a highly remarkable feature and the query performance has increased up to 10 times.
  • The results of customers’ workload and benchmark queries can be completed with double performance than average.
  • Better compute and storage scalability.
  • Store columnar data with 5x computing storage.

Basically, the performance of faster performance of tier Azure is the result of the advanced Azure hardware because low-latency Non-Volatile Memory Express based disks are added to increase the system memory for a tiered caching solution. The data is closer to the CPU which has brought significant improvements in the performance of the system. Remote I/O operations are only used when the data is required from remote storage. Compute is separated from storage and scale on demand has all been maintained. You can get an Extended Free Trial from Azure Portal.

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