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How to Get More Fun with Terraform Module Registry on Azure?

By: Netreo
September 27, 2017

The combined effort of Microsoft and HashiCorp brought huge benefits in the features of the Terraform and within a month support for Azure Container was added while 8 verified modules have also become a part of Terraform on Azure.

What is Terraform Module Registry?

Terraform Module Registry allows the users to generate Terraform modules which are the infrastructure topologies and necessary for the cloud platform of the choices. It offers  8 Azure Modules and their names are as follows:  Virtual Machine Scale Sets,  Azure SQL,  Vault, Virtual Network,  Consul, Virtual Machines, and  Load Balancer.

Terraform in the Azure Cloud Shell

Azure Cloud Shell is a browser-based command line experience which allows the users to add bash command directly in the portal. The best part of this shell is its ability to run on any browser and machine. The compatible feature makes it easy to run terraform on your phone so you can to install and configure the things as Microsoft authenticates the Terraform for the user’s subscription.

To get to know the more features, you can visit Terraform in Azure and  Terraform Module Registry. These improvements are helpful for both developers and analysts.

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