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How to save money on Azure Blob Storage with blob-level Tiering

By: Netreo
September 9, 2017

Digital data is increasing day by day and organizations have to store data over a longer period of time as discarding the important data such as the employees’ information, medical record, and salary record can create serious problems for both organizations and start-ups.  Cool Blob Storage is the solution of all the aforementioned problems as it offers a scalable and cost-effective solution to the data storage problem. It helps to reduce storage cost by adding the data to the Cool tier.

The new Archive Blob Storage allows the customers to store rarely used data in the cheapest tier which is highly cost-effective. Likewise, Blob Level tiering helps to optimize data and storage cost by managing the lifecycle of the data in the multiple tiers.

Features and Benefits of Azure Archive Blob Storage

Azure Archive Blob Storage aims to provide low-cost, durable, and flexible storage place to access rarely used data. Following are benefits you get from  Azure Blob Storage: Hot, cool, and archive tiers.

  • Economical

Archive Access tier is an economical solution to large data and the pricing details you can get from Azure Storage Pricing.

  • Effortless Integration

The Archive tier is similar to the Hot and Cool tier in the blob and lets the customers integrate different tiers to their application.

  • Availability

SLA in the archive tier is similar to the Cool tier which 99% while the durability is also like the Azure storage with the same data replication option.

  • High Security

The Archive tier is automatically encrypted at rest.

With the help of blob level tiering, customers can easily transfer their data in different tiers, i.e. Hot, Cool, and Archive Tier without moving data between different accounts.

Flexible Management

In the all blob storage accounts, Archive Storage and Blob-Level Tiering is available. These accounts can also be updated to access cool, Archive, and blob-level tiering. It is accessible with the help of, DOTNET, Java Client library, Node.js, Python.

How to save money on Azure Blob Storage with blob-level Tiering

How to Start?

The user is needed to submit a request for the activation of the features and it takes two days for the approval. Afterwards, the user creates a new account in US East 2 to access the Archive blob. Follow these CLI commands for the request:


Register-AzureRmProviderFeature -FeatureName AllowArchive -ProviderNamespace Microsoft.Storage

The submission gives the following response:

How to save money on Azure Blob Storage with blob-level Tiering

Add this command when the request gets approved:

Get-AzureRmProviderFeature -FeatureName AllowArchive -ProviderNamespace  Microsoft.Storage

The successful registration gives the below-mentioned output.

FeatureName         ProviderName      RegistrationState

———–                  ————                —————–

AllowArchive        Microsoft.Storage       Registered

CLI 2.0

az feature register –-namespace Microsoft.Storage –-name AllowArchive

The input comes back to the following output.

{  “id”: “/subscriptions/xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx/providers/Microsoft.Features/providers/Microsoft.Storage/features/AllowArchive”,  “name”: “Microsoft.Storage/AllowArchive”,  “properties”: {    “state”: “Pending”  },  “type”: “Microsoft.Features/providers/features”}

Run the command once the registration is done.

az feature show –-namespace Microsoft.Storage –-name AllowArchive

The below-mentioned command is the indication of successful registration.

{  “id”: “/subscriptions/xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx/providers/Microsoft.Features/providers/Microsoft.Storage/features/AllowArchive”,  “name”: “Microsoft.Storage/AllowArchive”,  “properties”: {    “state”: “Registered”  },  “type”: “Microsoft.Features/providers/features”}

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