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How Web Application Firewall Protects your Azure Servers

By: Netreo
July 21, 2017

The IT professionals sometimes have no idea about the loopholes of the system they are working on. In order to exploit these loopholes, there are many tools in the market which can penetrate the system at any moment and ruin its credibility by disrupting its functionality. In order to bridge the gap between the security professionals and the periphery of the Microsoft Azure Servers which these professionals are entrusted to protect, the Azure Security Center has swooped in with its latest developments which you’ll read in this article.

This blog is beneficial especially for security professionals who are interested in employing the methodologies presented by Azure Security Center to identify and mitigate the Azure servers from the prying tactics of SQL injections and other related attacks. We will be discussing two main things in this blog:

–    Explaining the process of initiation of code injection.

–    Stating how the Azure Security Center detects and eradicates such attacks to secure your IT resources.

azure web security - Web Application Firewall

Tools and Technologies which Make SQL Injection Easier:

One very notorious yet effective way of penetrating the security layers of any system is by injecting that system with SQL injections. This mainly happens in data-driven apps. SQL injection is a type of query attack in which, a malicious code snippet is made to execute in the database of the system till the indefinite amount of time. It utilizes most of the system’s power thus making some restricted areas vulnerable, which later serve as the weakest links. A tool having pretty great penetrating abilities is named as SQLMAP. It is being used widely to inject the databases with malicious queries and to exploit the weak points. Once the attacker gets to know the content of the database, the next thing is the implementation of the brute force algorithm. This is how it works.

Risk Detection with Azure Security Center:

The subscription which a person buys at Azure comes with a tier of Azure Security Center which can aid in detecting and protecting your azure based assets from malicious attacks. A recent breakthrough which the ASC has done is, that it has started an automated deployment of a latest Web Application Firewall. This automated firewall aims to protect the Azure based asset against any non-compliant resource. After specific time intervals, a list of weak areas is compiled where the Web Application Firewall initiates the remediation process. A system wide scanning process is initiated which rules out even the slightest of the chance of any attack or vulnerability.

And this is how Microsoft Azure keeps your cloud-based assets, safe, secure and untouchable from several repudiation attacks.

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