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Integration of Azure Site Recovery With Azure Virtual Machine

By: Netreo
December 5, 2017

Microsoft Azure has made Azure Site Recover a built-in part of Azure Virtual Machine to help users replicate the setup in one click. The user can test disaster recovery scenarios and without wasting any time due to the integration of ASR’s one-click failover capabilities. One click facility is generally available and its use is very simple due to the easy installation and user-friendly interface.

Integration of Azure Site Recovery With Azure Virtual Machine

You need to choose the disaster recovery of the region and once you browse your virtual machine. After that, select the target region and Enable Replication. This simple process configures your VM while some functions automatically run on the machine such as virtual network, target resource group, storage accounts, and availability set. Moreover, the new features let you choose your custom target settings.

Remember, your machine should meet the compliance requirements if it’s running on Azure IaaS virtual machines. Once you meet the requirements, your machine enables to protect the application from major incidents like the localized hardware failure. The major incidents are hurricanes and earthquake which affects the hardware or cause machine application downtime. The presence of Azure Virtual Machine saves you from the tension of catastrophic incidents. All regions can equally get benefit from the services.  Get started your work with Azure Site Recovery and give your suggestions for the improvement of Azure Site Recovery.

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