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Latest Azure Upgrades In BlockApps STRATO Suite

By: Netreo
December 5, 2017

Azure and BlockApps teamed up in 2015 to create STRATO and the innovation encouraged several researchers to continue their work. This mighty collaboration resulted in the development of distinguishing features of STRATO and its ability to consume the Blockchain resources by using a simple REST-based API. New updates have become a part of blockchain suite and the updates are as following:

  1. STARTO Management Dashboard

STARTO Dashboard has a user-friendly interface which let the users interact with the system without using any code. The new features of the dashboard include telemetry and health of the blockchain, execution of smart contracts, funding and management of accounts, and network topology.

Latest Azure Upgrades In BlockApps STRATO Suite - 1

  1. Swagger Documentation

REST API allows the developers to develop applications on their own and utilize the website features in the best way. Swagger is one of the most popular frameworks for documentation and the documentation is provided as a part of deployment when you use single or multi-node forms in STATO. Choose the API STATO option from the top right corner of the interface.

Latest Azure Upgrades In BlockApps STRATO Suite -2

  1. Bloc

It’s the most important part of STRATO which saves a person from the complexity of the system and enables him to use the advanced features of STRATO API. It supervises codeless accounts, transaction, and contract creation.

  1. Cirrus Analysis

The user can get deep insights from the smart contracts present in STRATO with the help of Cirrus. RESTful API is used to access the feature and the enterprises can harness their data. It indexes the smart contracts and makes queries from the searches data.

  1. Infrastructure Scaling

Single node and multi-node networks are available in STRATO. The infrastructure scaling Users can make simple and complex topologies. It increases the speed and size of the STRATO network and multinode networks leverage the hyperscale Azure cloud.

The new features are expected soon. Currently, the users can full Multinode network and develop their own STRATO.

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