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Model Comparison for Azure Analysis Services

By: Netreo
July 26, 2017

A database in itself is a wide and deep pool which has several offshoots. Nowadays, the comparison and merging of the relational database schema has sprung out of the blue and has risen to become one of the most successful and revenue generating markets. Our esteemed readers might have heard the names of the products like SSDT, Redgate SQL Compare, and Schema Compare. These products are an integrated upsell of Visual Studio for a couple of years. Such tools have found their usage in the organizations where those sitting at the helm, aspire to create a DevOps kind of culture in which, building and deployment the processes is done efficiently. Such tools are also employed by the management to increase productivity and to ensure the repetition of mission critical systems.

Model Comparison for Azure Analysis Services - Azure Monitoring Tool

Another factor which has bridged IT-owned Business Intelligence and Self-Service is the merging of BI models and comparing them with several RDBs to extricate the necessary information. Some might think what proved to be the motivation behind this merger? The answer is, merging the IT-owned corporate BI and Business-owned BI has put an end to the conflicting inventions which were being made by both sides. The only thing in which these both sides used to differ, was the definition of their ideas while keeping the ideas almost the same.

Microsoft has made it possible by introducing the PBIX import in their latest Azure Analysis Services Web Designer and the BISM Normalizer. The later one is one of the most famous open-source dev tool. The BISM is used with SQL Server Analysis and Azure Analysis Services. Its perks are way beyond the imaginations however, it is imperative to mention here that it supports all kinds of tabular model objects along with a striking 1400 compatibility level. Since it is an extension of Visual Studio, it’s been tightly coupled with build and deployment processes, command and control systems and model management workflows.

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