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Monitoring support for Azure Backup Vaults (Recovery Services)

By: Netreo
October 18, 2016

Azure Backup is an important component of Azure ecosystem that helps organizations perform secure cloud backups of their on-premise and Azure-based virtual machines. In fact, many organizations begin their usage of Azure specifically for its backup capability, often because Azure cloud backup solves an important need and is very simple to get started with.

Recently, Microsoft announced general availability of Azure Backup Vaults under the Azure Recovery Services umbrella. This allowed for backups of ARM (aka v2) virtual machines, enabled support for CSPs and provided other important features.

However, native backup monitoring still remains challenging. Effective immediately, Netreo will allow users to monitor Azure Backup Vaults under the Recovery Services namespace in addition to an already existing support for legacy Backup Vaults. Users will be able to get notifications about failed backup jobs and unhealthy storage containers.

Setup of monitoring is simple and intuitive. Running the Setup Wizard in Netreo usually takes 3-5 minutes and subsequent customization of alert rules is not necessary (although supported).

Happy monitoring!

Azure Backup Vaults - monitoring under Recovery Services

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