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Product Update: Netreo On-prem Version 12.2.26 and Netreo SaaS Upgrade

By: NetreoNoaa
February 24, 2021

With the release of Netreo On-prem v12.2.26 and the latest upgrade to Netreo SaaS, your premiere solution for full-stack IT management and AIOps is even better! Your latest release includes powerful new features and enhancements that simplify IT management with a single source of truth about the status of your entire infrastructure.

Key features specific to Netreo SaaS include: 

SAML Authentication Support

  • Improved User Experience — Users only need to sign in one time to access multiple service providers, enabling a faster authentication process and fewer login credentials to remember
  • Increased Security — SAML provides a single point of authentication, then automatically and securely transfers needed identity information to approved service providers
  • Loose Coupling of Directories — Using SAML eliminates the requirement for user information to be maintained and synchronized between directories
  • Reduced Costs for Service Providers — SAML simplifies maintenance by eliminating the need to maintain account information across multiple services

Password Complexity Requirement Support

Provide improved protection of your valuable IT assets with configurable password complexity requirements in Netreo SaaS. Additional password complexity raises the bar for hackers and other malicious intruders trying to disrupt or even destroy your business by helping users create ideal passwords for increased security. Now administrators can configure minimum character lengths and special character requirements for added security, plus Netreo initiates a forced lockout on any device after five failed password attempts.

Key features in Netreo On-prem v12.2.26 and SaaS include:

Linux / MySQL Poller

Netreo now provides full visibility into the inner-workings of your MySQL-based applications to ensure high performance and availability for all your users. The Linux / MySQL Poller monitors, polls, and executes threshold checks on metrics such as slow queries, connected threads, database connections, and more.

AWS S3 Bucket Metrics

With S3 being a core component in many applications today, deep visibility into S3 resources is crucial to providing stable and robust cloud solutions. In this latest version of Netreo, users now have deeper visibility into S3 Bucket Metrics to help ensure your AWS cloud resources are always performing up to your expectations.

Negative Number Support

Netreo’s monitoring engine now supports your wireless networking equipment generating signal strength as a number less than zero and reporting metrics in a range of values both positive and negative. Negative number support ensures you have eyes on all your gear and the ability to quickly resolve any issues that may arise.

Dynamic discovery of device attributes and auto-configuration support

As the IT landscapes you monitor become larger and more diverse, you need to track more information about a device than just its name, IP address, and typical parameters. Dynamic discovery of device attributes gives Netreo the ability to learn attributes through deeper polling of devices and then control device settings and templates by matching those attributes through Netreo’s auto-configuration engine. This enables seamless onboarding and configuration of all devices and resources while automating the integration with both upstream and downstream applications.

Netreo empowers you with real-time information on your cloud, on-premise, and hybrid networks, applications, and devices, so you can provide amazing internal and external customer experiences and focus more on innovation.

This release also includes several bug fixes. See release notes for complete details.

If you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected].

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