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OmniCenter 12 Now Available: Extensible Integration, Unlimited Scalability, and Device Grouping

By: NetreoNoaa
June 27, 2019

Today’s IT organizations are faced with the challenge of integrating new technology into their infrastructure while continuing to support all of their legacy needs. Building upon the host of features already present in our flagship product, Netreo is proud to announce the release of OmniCenter 12. The enhancements found in this latest release greatly furthers an administrator’s ability to get deep insight into resources across their entire IT landscape.

RESTful API for Extensible Integration

OmniCenter 12 was designed with extensibility in mind for both upstream and downstream integrations. RESTful APIs are now provided for every component in OmniCenter. Now it’s possible to receive inbound feeds from ancillary tools, push information to upstream mission critical applications, and easily extract all of OmniCenter historical data for additional data mining.

Flexible and Unlimited Scaling

OmniCenter 12 introduces the concept of the “Service Engine,” or SE. These SEs consist of stand-alone instances of OmniCenter’s main components that do the requisite work and report the results back to a core OmniCenter appliance. Multiple instances of these SEs can be deployed, while all information is viewed and manipulated as if only a single, core OmniCenter instance is in place. The scalability of OmniCenter is now unlimited.

Increased Device Grouping Functionality

OmniCenter has long included the concept of a “strategic group” as a way to arbitrarily group devices in OmniCenter to match an environment’s application architecture. Now, in version 12, the concept of “strategic groups” have been separated into distinct reporting and administrative functions called “business workflows” and “functional groups,” respectively. Business workflows now provide device organization for dashboard displays and reporting, while functional groups provide device organization for the administration of devices.

Much, Much More…

There is a raft of other additional features in OmniCenter 12 that also help to increase the utility of OmniCenter in your infrastructure. OmniCenter now supports multiple Active Directory groups, allowing automatic elevation of privileges by moving a user from one group to another. Event log retrieval has been completely rewritten to allow new event log pollers to be easily added to OmniCenter as new products and new requirements come into existence. Finally, all device administration functions have been brought together in one place and fully integrated into the administrative side of the Device Dashboard. Omnicenter 12 provides you the opportunity to have your specific needs met by being extremely customizable. Check out our interface today!

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