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Performance and Storage Upgrades in Azure SQL Database

By: Netreo
September 14, 2017

Up till the recent developments in Azure SQL, the maximum performance cornerstone for a single data repository located in the standard tier was marked to 100 DTUs. Now, the rate at which the latest updates have increased the performance markup is a whopping 30 times thus making it around 3000 DTUs. The latest S4-S12 performance levels give an edge in saving the prices when a customer intends to buy a CPU with much heavier specifications. No matter how top-notch PC you are buying, the CPU intensive workloads do not ask for higher I/O performance which is liable to be provided by the third tier. The premium tier starts providing lower latency per IO for the IO intensive workloads.

Storage Level Add-Ons for Elastic Pools and Single Databases:

The liberty of purchasing the extra storage above the included storage in the package can now be availed with much ease as there has been given the privilege of limiting the resources to a single database and also to elastic pools. There is no more need of increasing DTUs or the eDTUs because the decoupling of storage space from the compute, has reduced the cost by allowing more storage.

It must be kept in mind that the extra storage which comes above the included amount is billed on hourly basis and the price of a single database or the elastic pool is totally dependent on the price of DTUs or the eDTUs along with the rates of extra added storage requested by the buyer. The overall increments in the provided database sizes vary between 250 GB to 1 TB.


For instance, an S3 database is provisioning 1 TB, and storage amount for the similar S3 is around 250 GB. The extra storage amount calculates out to be 774 GB. Per unit price for the extra storage in the standard tier is approximate $0.085/GB/month whilst in the preview. The extra storage price thus sums out to be 774 GB multiplied by $0.085/GB/month equalizing to $65.79/month. Hence the total price will be around $215.79/month.

Latest Performance Levels & Storage Amount Limits:

For the single database, the table is as follows:

Performance and Storage Upgrades in Azure SQL Database

For the elastic pool, the table is as follows:

Performance and Storage Upgrades in Azure SQL Database

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