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Receive Netreo notifications in Slack and HipChat

By: Netreo
May 22, 2017

Many teams are using tools like Slack and HipChat to collaborate more effectively in real time. Often people keep their chat apps open all day, which makes them also a very convenient tool for receiving notifications that require immediate attention.

In addition to providing amazing team communication, tools like Slack and Hipchat can be integrated with many other 3rd party products to distribute their notifications. Netreo integrates with both Slack and Hipchat and can publish alerts into their chat channels.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to configure integrations to these 2 products

  • Section 1 – Authorize Slack
  • Section 2 – Authorize Hipchat
  • Section 3 – Enable the notification push
  • Section 4 – Specify what notifications should be sent

To enable Slack integration follow these steps:

Section 1 – Authorize Slack

  • Navigate and login to Slack website.
  • Click on “Configure Integrations”, then scroll down to “Incoming Webhooks” and click on “View”.
  • Create a new Incoming Webhook for a particular channel you want to publish Netreo notifications to and save it for future use in Netreo.

Receive Netreo notifications in Slack

Section 2 – Authorize Hipchat

  • Navigate and login to Hipchat website.
  • Select or create a room to which Netreo will post notifications. Go to the room.
  • In the top right corner click the “Room actions” button (icon with three dots […]). From the dropdown select “Integrations”.
  • Make sure that the room you want to use for integration is selected in the dropdown in the top left corner. Then click “Build your own integration”.
  • Copy room name, room id and authorization token. Room id and token are provided in the URL: https://api.hipchat.com/v2/room/{room_id}/notification?auth_token={token}

Authorize Receiving Netreo notifications in HipChat

Section 3 – Enable the notification push

The next step is configuring Netreo to push notifications to previously authorized Slack channel or HipChat room

  • Navigate to Netreo and find “Integrations” screen under “Account Settings”.
  • Select Slack/HipChat integration and copy data saved in the previous step.
  • Press the “Test” button to post a test message and verify that integration is working correctly.

Enable push Netreo notifications in Slack

Section 4 – Specify what notifications should be sent

In the Notification Management screen you can define which alerts should be sent to Slack or HipChat based on severity. It’s also possible to instruct Netreo to not send certain notifications, e.g. when an action is requested or executed.

Specify which Netreo notifications to get Slack and HipChat

See this article for detailed instructions for Slack, and this article for HipChat.

In a similar way, you can configure integration between Netreo and other tools often used by IT organizations, like HipChat, PagerDuty, Zendesk, and more. See the full list here.

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