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Truffle 4.0 Beta-2 Now Available on Azure

By: Netreo
November 29, 2017

Efficient developing tools give significant help to the developers and make their work easier. Truffle has created a new set of tools which is designed for decentralized applications on the Ethereum blockchain. These tools are not available in the traditional development kits and they assist the developers to manage the software development lifecycle by providing proper frameworks and the new features.

The developers can download the beta release which is available on Azure Marketplace. The useful features of the beta release include logging in the new development blockchain and solidarity compiler 0.4.17. The beta release has removed the need for running testrpc which was used to increase the development cycles. Moreover, the migration and development let you test the code before starting the actual development.

Truffle 4.0 Beta-2 Now Available on Azure

A new set of models are added up in modular and it was also a part of the 3.0 version. Following are some boxes present in the modular:

  • React

The app is designed to make smart contracts and

  • React-auth

It adds react-router and ideal for creating customized auth system.

  • React-uport

This box is used for the authentication of Uport and helps you to start Uport.

The other boxes are pet-shop, tutorial token, and webpack.

Truffle 4.0 Beta-2 Now Available on Azure

All the beta features are available in Azure Marketplace and you can easily create an instance. The more details are available on GitHub while the customers can also join Truffle Gitter channel for further conversation.

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