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What are the Benefits of Web App for Containers and Azure App Service on Linux?

By: Netreo
September 20, 2017

Azure app service on Linux supports a variety of OSS stacks on the platform which lets the OSS workload run natively on Linux VM. You can consider the built-in image option on Linux as an extension of Azure App Service and it’s designed for the developers who want to work on the service by using PHP applications, .NET Core, GIT, or PHP. The  Quick Start article demonstrates the method of running .NET applications on App Service on Linux while the architecture is mentioned below. The architecture is basically used for Docker containers and these images are also available DockerHub.

Azure App Service on Linux

Web App for Containers

Web app container is designed to provide more control to developers over code, tools, and runtime framework. The developers can avail these perks by installing these features on their containers. The part of the Web App for containers is the liberty to developers manage and maintain underlying container orchestrators. With the help of CI/CD systems like  VSTS,  Maven, Jenkins, and  Travis CI one can package their code and dependencies into containers. However, you also need to setup continuous deployment webhook with app service to ensure the maximum performance. The architecture pattern has shown in the image.

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