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What are Azure Notifications Hubs and how it is used?

By: Netreo
October 29, 2015

What are Azure Notification Hubs?

Azure Notification Hubs offer a simple infrastructure to broadcast mobile push notifications to a single individual or millions of mobile users at once. Azure Notification Hubs can send cross-platform notifications across different platforms and devices. These notifications can be sent from any cloud or on premises based backend platform to any mobile backend.

How are Azure Notification Hubs used?

Azure Notification Hubs provides simple means to broadcast push notifications to mobile devices. Platform is based on a prebuilt push notification infrastructure that provides a central interface to provision and manage push notifications.   With Azure Notification Hubs, organizations can:

  • Send notifications to millions of mobile users at a single click.
  • Notify enterprise wide users of new events like messages or email.
  • Send notifications to different groups according to their genre or interests, or other tag-based criteria
  • Assist with multi-factor and other authentications by sending password resets and notifications

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