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What is Azure Operational Insights and how it is used?

By: Netreo
September 28, 2015

What is Azure Operational Insights?

Azure Operational Insights (AOI) is part of Microsoft Operations Management suite that gathers logs and other information from on-premises servers and virtual machines. A Software as a Service (SaaS) tool, AOI enables users to collect, store, search and analyze data from multiple machines. Collected data is sent back to, compiled and visually displayed on AOI dashboards.

What is Azure Operational Insights used for?

Azure Operational Insights primarily provides IT administrators with a central dashboard for recording, monitoring and analyzing data from multiple on-premises and hosted resources in your Azure cloud. With AOI, you can also:

  • Identify, analyze and troubleshoot performance issues
  • Track server configuration changes and ensure that servers are kept up-to-date
  • Monitor and track configuration of cloud resources such as Hyper V and SQL Server

How does Netreo helps in Azure Cloud Monitoring?

Netreo’s Azure Cloud Monitoring capabilities significantly improve the management of production environments for IT professionals. By offering deep and immediate insight into the stability of complex software systems, Netreo facilitates a more efficient workflow. Key features include live dashboards, fully customizable and intelligent alerts, prompt and meaningful notifications and so much more. 


Visualize all your systems and resources conveniently in one place. Inspect critical charts alongside important logs to gain comprehensive insights. Easily find the root cause of various issues by navigating back in time to observe how the overall system behaved before, during and after problems arose. Netreo supports a wide array of servers, databases, infrastructure, and more, ensuring comprehensive coverage for your needs.


Netreo enables the tracking and analysis of a broad range of metrics, both simple and complex, providing essential insights into your systems minute by minute, 24/7. Designed for scalability, it can easily expand to accommodate the evolving needs of your business.

Alert Engine

Maintain complete control over the timing and method of notifications for production issues with Netreo’s advanced alert engine. This engine is capable of simultaneously assessing multiple conditions, whether they are real-time, sustained, simple, complex, aggregated, or based on unstructured metrics. To help you get started quickly, Netreo offers a wide range of default configuration profiles.

Immediate Notifications

Netreo’s instant notifications enable IT professionals to step away from continuous monitoring of screens and dashboards, allowing them to focus on more critical tasks with the assurance that they will be promptly alerted to any issues as they arise.

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