By: Netreo
October 14, 2015

What is Azure RemoteApp and how it is used?

What is Azure RemoteApp?

Azure RemoteApp provides secure and remote access to applications from different user devices. It is part of the Microsoft Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and is used to provide employees with access to business applications on different platforms / devices anywhere from the internet.

It can be deployed in two different forms:

  • Cloud Collection – The entire data for the hosted app is stored on Azure Cloud Platform / Infrastructure
  • Hybrid Collection – The app data is stored using a combination of on premises and Azure cloud platform.

How Azure RemoteApp is used?

Azure RemoteApp is primarily used to deliver application and services to a multitude of devices and platforms. End users can access RemoteApp powered apps from Windows, iOS, Mac OS and Android.

Azure RemoteApp can help;

  • Deliver any business application on any device ( computer, mobiles, tablets ) without any compatibility issues
  • Deliver Microsoft’s cloud services such as Office 365 with the same user experience across all devices ( low and high end devices)
  • Software publishers can host and deliver apps for multiple devices / platforms via Azure cloud infrastructure without having to change the code.

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