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What is Azure Scheduler Monitoring?

By: Netreo
September 14, 2015

Azure Scheduler Monitoring is referred to the process of monitoring and ensuring execution of all tasks and processes that have been scheduled with Azure Scheduler. It ensures that the scheduled jobs run on specified time or condition and there is an immediate notification sent out when scheduled jobs do not run successfully.

How is Azure Scheduler Monitoring used?

Azure Scheduler Monitoring is primarily used to ensure that all scheduled jobs on Azure Cloud Services or on any third party infrastructure are executed as scheduled by the Azure Scheduler service. It monitors all processes that have been executed by the Azure Scheduler successfully.

How can Netreo help in Azure Scheduler Monitoring?

Netreo includes a number of performance and availability monitors that are designed to verify the functionality and performance of public or private cloud-based applications. Netreo uses a combination of real-time monitoring, polling, alerting, and synthetic transactions to allow you to monitor cloud applications on any platform. Available targets include (but aren’t limited to) Google Apps for Business, Microsoft Office 365, Amazon EC2 and AWS, and SalesForce. No other solution offers this comprehensive approach, ensuring that your users have rapid access to your critical applications whenever they need it.

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