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What is Azure Storage Monitoring?

By: Netreo
November 3, 2015

What is Azure Storage Monitoring?

Azure Storage Monitoring encompasses technologies and processes that helps in improving and ensuring performance of data storage resources hosted on Azure cloud infrastructure. It is a broad process that includes data and storage management techniques such as traffic analysis, availability, storage analytics and more.  Azure Storage is made up of three different services: Azure Blob Storage, Azure Queue Storage, and Azure Table Storage

How is Azure Storage Monitoring used?

Azure Storage Monitoring is primarily used to help Azure Administrators in better analyzing, managing and utilizing their Azure hosted storage resources. It helps in simplifying the management of all Azure Storage Resources and their operations, notifies of errors, slowdowns and outages.  Additionally, Storage Queues can assist with auto-scaling and work load distribution

How can Netreo help in Azure Storage Management?

Netreo provides a powerful set of monitoring features for Microsoft Azure Storage. Always know that it is keeping tabs on the most important information and presenting it to you in dashboards, charts and reporting.

  • Track and scale based on queue-specific metrics
  • Monitor and Visualize storage availability statistics
  • Get alerted when storage is down, slow or is throwing errors
  • Continuously test Azure storage for availability and response times

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