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What is Azure Web Apps Management?

By: Netreo
July 23, 2015

Azure Web Apps Management is the process of ensuring and delivering performance on websites and applications hosted on Azure. Web Apps Management enables developers to maintain their applications created using platforms such as .NET, PHP, Java, Python, Node.js and more.

How is Azure Web App Management used?

The key objective behind Web Apps Management is to;

  • Provide instant and central insight into key metrics of Azure Webapps and Webjobs.  
  • Set up alerts with simple or complex criteria.
  • Track key performance metrics, such as CPU, RAM, Requests, and more
  • Alert on Errors, outages, and other conditions
  • Monitor continuous and triggered Webjobs

How can Netreo help with Azure Web Apps Management?

Netreo’s Azure Web Apps Management keeps your Azure-hosted Websites and applications working optimally. It helps in auto-scaling workers, automatically recovering from malperforming Websites, and starting Webjobs when needed. Netreo Azure Web Apps Management Software can help Azure Administrators to;

  • Auto-scale Azure Webapp through a rule-based engine that can consume load signals from anywhere in your Azure environment
  • Auto-restart Azure Webapps based on specified conditions such as an outage
  • Automatically initiate Azure Webjobs based on criteria driven by metrics anywhere in your Azure environment

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