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What is EDNS Client Subnet Support in Azure Traffic Manager?

By: Netreo
September 27, 2017

The support of Azure Traffic Manager is playing an important role in the improvement of services like  Fast failover,  Geographic Traffic Routing, and TCP probing. The valuable support enables the services users to explore the features in better and proactive manner and now you can Azure Traffic Manager with EDNS Client Subnet (ECS).

How Does It Work?

To use the service, the customers have to choose performance or Geographic routing methods along with Azure Traffic Manager. The routing system absolutely depends on the Domain Name System request which demands the source IP address. Usually, the IP address query is the local DNS resolver which is sometimes referred as the recursive DNS lookup of the end user. The user can also use this resolver outside their geographical location and optimized answers of the response query.

Azure traffic manager supports the information and delivers it to the DNS proxy query which is required for making router decisions. This procedure is more efficient and helps the user to enhance the performance of the router. In the case of geographical routing method, the correctness, and identification of the geographical method increase.

Basically, the feature is designed to support  RFC 7871 – Client Subnet in DNS Queries which needs  Extension Mechanism for DNS (EDNS0)  to pass the address to the resolver. All Azure clouds can use this feature and there is no specific subscription is required.

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