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What is the difference between an Azure Web Apps and Azure Web Role?

By: Netreo
June 29, 2015

What does Azure Web Roles provide, which Web App’s can’t?

Web Roles give you several features beyond Web Apps. They provide the ability to run elevated startup scripts to install apps, edit registry, install performance counters, optimize IIS and more. Azure Web Roles gives you the ability to split an app up into tiers and scale each of them independently. With Web Roles you can,

  • Connect with your VM using RDP for debugging
  • Isolate a VM from the network
  • Assign Dedicated virtual IP address to virtual machines.
  • Provide IP-restricted access to Virtual Machines
  • ACL-restricted endpoints
  • Support for any TCP/UDP ports- web apps and websites are generally restricted here.
  • Works with IIS

What does Web Apps, which Web Roles lack?

Web Apps gives you the ability to create simple to complex web scalable web application, mobile applications and websites. With Windows Azure Web Apps, you don’t have control over IIS or web Server.

However, Web Apps have certain advantages over Azure Web Roles such as;

  • Instant deployment with complete deployment and rollback history,
  • Development language and technologies support such as Visual Studio Online, github, local git, ftp, CodePlex, DropBox, and BitBucket.
  • Deploy third party CMS  and Framework (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc.)
  • Use SQL or MySQL as database
  • Website content backup support.
  • Native cmd/powershell debug console, process explorer, diagnostic tools and other debugging tools.

Monitoring Azure Web Apps with Netreo

Netreo hooks into Azure Diagnostics to provide insight into a wide variety of key performance indicators, syslogs and more.  Netreo allows users to automate numerous recovery procedures through its integration with Azure Management API and Azure Automation.

Netreo provides immediate insight into key metrics of Azure Webapps and Webjobs.  It allows to easily setup alerts with simple or complex criteria.

  • Track key performance metrics, such as CPU, RAM, Requests and more
  • Alert on Errors, outages and other conditions
  • Monitor continuous and triggered Webjobs

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