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What is the General Availability of Service Fabric on Linux?

By: Netreo
October 16, 2017

Azure Service Fabric is a platform designed to power the core Azure infrastructure. The user can run containerized applications on both Windows and Linux with the help of Azure Service Fabric. Microsoft offers complete support to Ubuntu 16.04 for the Linux Clusters while the runtime is same for both Linux and Windows due to the similarity of the codebase. This similarity makes it easy for the users to easily run the same application on the platforms and get the benefit of creating a path for application deployment and development. The orchestration features of the platforms are available for the recent release as the added runtime of Azure Service Fabric is v6.0 and SDK v2.8.

Azure Service Fabric never diverts your attention from the development as it offers various features like OMS integration, govern resources, manage container images, and complete service recovery with DNS. All the aforementioned features save the user from assembling or building a platform and let you focus on the development sites. Azure CLI 2.0 provides you a compatible environment for managing applications and clusters without facing any issue and by just adding a command line. For the management of the UI, Service Fabric Explorer tool is available for Windows Server and Linux Cluster.

Azure Service Fabric

Java SDK tools are added in Azure Service Fabric to offer compatible work environment to java developers on Linux. Moreover, the integration of various platforms like Jenkins, Eclipse, and Yeoman can be done due to the presence of open sources Linux tools.

Service Fabric

The new update of Service Fabric is expected soon and it will come with Reliable Services and Reliable Actors for the language. These services are enough powerful to detect the .NET users and develop stateful or stateless microservices.

Stateful Reliable Service: It makes the application highly useful and lessens the latency by automatically co-relating data on the same nodes on which the service is running.

Reliable Actors: The creation of concurrent microservices applications becomes trouble free with reliable actors as it offers simple to use actor programming model. You can also deploy the application on the existing yaml files due to the available support of Docker Compose

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