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Why Do You Need Network Performance Management Tools?

By: NetreoNoaa
February 22, 2021

When your network goes down, revenue is lost exponentially. It is of utmost importance to keep track of your network automatically in order to fix problems before they occur, find the source of your problems as quickly as possible, and keep the user experience as smooth as possible. This can be done with network performance management tools.

What Are Network Performance Management Tools?

First and foremost, network performance management is different from network performance monitoring; as a matter of fact, network performance monitoring is a key ingredient to network performance management. Monitoring focuses solely on the aggregation of information on your network and suggestions for improvement. On the other hand, Management is the process of using that data to make the decisions that work best for your organization.

What are Network Performance Management tools made of?

Network Performance Management tools are made of four main components, which work together to provide the support and security of your software needs. Network administration tools keep track of your network’s resources by mapping traffic patterns (device to device communication and timing) and managing software assets to give you a clear picture of how your network works. The data from these tools is crucial for minimizing network issues. Network operation tools troubleshoot and keep the network functioning by tracking the software, processes, and rules used to create and maintain the network, as well as finding problems and suggesting improvements with monitoring software. Network Maintenance tools keep your software and network up to date and meet industry regulations, with the latest upgrades and configuration management to make sure you have up-to-date backups. Network Provisioning tools use current data to determine the network resources that will be needed in the future, and help add new devices as needed. These tools are significantly cheaper and more reliable when automated rather than done manually.

What do Network Performance Management tools do?

A good Network management system automatically collects and stores real-time data on all performance issues using packet data, network flow data, machine learning, and device metrics and makes it easy for you to interpret and act on the information.

Real-time data is especially important in network performance management, in order to catch issues as they happen, and see dangerous patterns before they become significant issues. Management software will compare that data against models to assess performance. Stored data is used by machine learning software in order to improve predictive capabilities and debugging capabilities, by catching issues earlier than they visibly manifest and sending alerts or solving the problems itself.

Management systems will help prevent data packet loss, the greatest threat of network issues.  Network issues cost the company incalculable amounts. When the network goes down, customers don’t get their products in time or can’t place orders in time, so they move on to the next service that can get them what they need. The issues can ruin customer perception of reliability, and future loyalty. 

A good network performance management system will make their capabilities easily accessible through a centralized data center that takes care of the necessary infrastructure monitoring, giving you all the oversight you need. Infrastructure monitoring is key in network security as well. It allows you to observe problems across all of your software in order to catch everything in time. A good infrastructure monitoring system does this by monitoring traffic, bandwidth usage in a centralized system, and alerts you to potential issues as they occur. 

Cloud-Based network management systems are generally cheaper and more adaptable than traditional, server-based systems, without the need to pay overhead for your own servers, and require far less setup and administrative maintenance.

Network Performance Management Tools - Netreo IT Organization Monitoring

Where Can You Get Network Performance Management Tools?

What to look for when researching a network performance tool 

When you’re looking for your own Network performance management tool, it is important to first consider the 4C’s of quality IT monitoring. A useful tool balances Collaboration, Convenience, Clarity, and Cost. It is important to be able to share insights and data, to have access to the data needed for strategic decisions and day-to-day operations, as well as to share data to collaborate with other tools in your infrastructure. A system that is convenient to set up and operate is needed to free up the people in charge of IT to do the rest of their jobs. They need to easily be able to make changes and troubleshoot. Clarity is important for several aspects of NPMs, from a legible UI, to succinct alerts, to concise reports. 

Netreo has top-of-the-line network performance management tools. They meet all the base requirements and more to take care of your infrastructure, and also have customizable dashboards to display comprehensive data, device-based pricing that allows you to pay only for exactly what you need and cloud-based systems. They have a uniquely large capacity for stored data, which improves performance significantly by giving machine learning, infrastructure monitoring, and alerting systems far more data to work off of and allows them to draw far more accurate conclusions. Companies that lack our easily manageable payment systems, resulting in multiple subscriptions to keep track of due having to buy different types of service individually instead of paying for one comprehensive product, and having to pay to upgrade a significant amount when adding just a few devices, rather than paying solely for the ones you have. Netreo has convenient security methods due to their unique design, including cloud and on-premises availability for all components, completely isolated data for all cloud customers, and the ability to run completely ‘disconnected’ from the Internet to support ‘air gapped’ and highly-secure environments.

In order to protect your network and save money on avoidable repairs, Network Performance Management tools are your best bet. Netreo can help you easily help you set up your new Network Monitoring System, so you can see the benefits soon here. Request a Demo Today!

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