• IPass® Managed Network Services


  • Information Technology Network Management


  • Headquarters: Irvine, CA


  • Availability Monitoring
  • Fault Alerting
  • Data Center Dashboard
  • Network Management
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Flow Management


  • OmniCenter® Enterprise
  • OmniCenter® Flow
“If you’re managing networks, you de!nitely want Netreo OmniCenter incorporated in your overall management solution, especially if you want to see and prevent network problems.”
“Netreo is more responsive than other vendors in our industry. And they’ve been very “exible when it comes to helping us move to where our market is going. This contributes even further to our bottom line.”
“Without OmniCenter’s stateof- the-art network monitoring capability telling us when something in the network is down, we and our customers would need more people, and more people means more expense and more opportunity for human error.”
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Proving the Value of Managed Networks

Founded in 1996, iPass Inc. (NASDAQ: IPAS), strives to change the economics of the enterprise connectivity experience with services that simply, smartly and openly facilitate access from any device on any network, while offering the visibility and control necessary to support the demands of enterprise customers. And through its Managed Network Services (MNS) division, the company also provides a high-speed wide area networking platform for enterprise customers. This division’s experienced project management staff, certified systems engineers and support teams have designed, implemented and managed over 100,000 endpoints over the past 15 years.

The MNS division’s hosted, state-of-the-art IP VPN management platform enables enterprises to remotely oversee large enterprise-grade networks, delivering security, visibility and control. From PCI compliance to advanced network and application level monitoring, iPass MNS delivers the solutions necessary to reduce costs while improving enterprise network performance, security and availability.

MNS required a best-of-breed monitoring solution that would allow users to evaluate network functions in real time, identify problems before they arise and support compliance and reporting on service level agreements. The SLA reporting function was critical in illustrating MNS’value and giving its clients a reliable means of identifying inefficiencies. This solution needed to integrate seamlessly into the iPass Managed Network Services Portal and be easily ac- cessible and usable from a dashboard by users of client networks.

The developers at iPass MNS turned to Netreo and its award-winning Om- niCenter® Enterprise™ network monitoring, alerting and reporting suite, to improve network management and visibility into their numerous managed enterprise environments.

“We take availability monitoring very seriously– this is very critical to us–if the network goes down our customers go down, and that should never happen. Netreo OmniCenter sets us apart with an almost omniscient ability to foresee potential problems and neutralize them before they impact our services.”
Scott Pederson, iPass Managed Network Services Division

Performance at the Edge of the Network

“It was actually a pretty easy choice to make. We decided to integrate Netreo OmniCenter into our platform to provide real-time monitoring and alerting for our customers on a 24/7 basis,” said Chris Linden, Senior Director, Product and Strategy for the Managed Network Services division at iPass.

“Netreo has subsequently become a critical valued partner. And over the years, based on our requests, they’ve delivered a number of solutions tailored to our needs that have enabled us to offer better, more reliable services to our enterprise customers.”

The network management functions of OmniCenter, branded to iPass customers as the iPass Remote Data Collector, now support real-time monitoring, evaluation and management all from an easy-to-use customer dashboard. MNS also delivers infrastructure and software support from the cloud, as part of the iPass MNS package.

“One of our main selling points that we always mention to our customers is real-time performance metrics at the edge of the network. We’re monitoring end-to-end within the VPN tunnel from the corporate data center out to that end location, whether it’s a retail company or a financial institution or a giant insurance conglomerate,“ Linden added.

“We measure parameters that depict true network performance levels. We view this from a latency packet loss perspective, application flow perspective, plus more critical events like up/ down status and failover incidents.”

Proactive Trumps Reactive

“A key benefit that we enjoy from OmniCenter is that we’re able to proactively moni- tor WAN networks, and proactively ticket performance issues as they arise.

This allows us to deliver a fully managed, end-to-end solution,” Linden said. “Without a monitoring solution like OmniCenter seamlessly integrated into our platform, we wouldn’t be able to offer that true end-to-end proactive service that our customers expect.”

The solutions offered by the Managed Network Services division at iPass are distinct in their marketplace.

“OmniCenter gives us significant advantages over our market rivals, who in many cases deliver networking services that are reactive in nature, meaning that they might not offer monitoring of any sort. OmniCenter gives us a true differentiation because we have its monitoring capabilities built into our platform.”

Measurable ROI Benefits

For the iPass Managed Network Services division, Netreo OmniCenter functionality bundled within its remote data center management platform to monitor and trend network and resource performance has meant higher customer satisfaction levels and longer-term customer relationships that further enhance revenue growth. Additional positive return on investment can be attributed to Netreo’s record of fulfilling the ongoing development needs of iPass and its customers while reducing overall platform development costs. One example of this is the recent launch of the iPass Net Flow service, which capitalized on the OmniCenter Flow module’s ability to perform application-level monitoring with data gathering and reporting.

“iPass Net Flow is one of our newer value-added services that we offer above and beyond our standard service package to give our customers a deeper understanding of traffic patterns and applications use within their networks,” Linden explained. “This is yet another feather in our caps when we make presentations to new prospective customers.”

Adding further ROI to the equation, iPass has been able to increase its efficiency, reduce manpower and maintenance costs while improving time-to- market for new services by leveraging Netreo’s expertise.

Scott Pedersen, Senior Technical Director at iPass MNS, offered this further insight: “If we were going to build our own monitoring platform, that would have required two and a half years of our time and untold engineering expenditures, and we really didn’t want to do that. Instead, we teamed up with Netreo and they’re continuously doing development for us. They have all the technology and development expertise in place and it’s all-inclusive in our use agreement for the OmniCenter suite. We can’t imagine how this arrangement could be any better,” Pedersen said.

Dependability Yields Profitability

“The success and growth of the Managed Network Services division at iPass now depends in part on the information and visibility that OmniCenter gives iPass and its enterprise customers.

“OmniCenter monitoring provides the real-time measurements on which we base our service level agreements. This data has to be accurate, this stuff has to work flawlessly in order for us to bet our business on it. This affects service credits and other revenue-producing elements we offer by overlay- ing a service level agreement,” Pedersen said.

In these ways, OmniCenter helps solidify iPass’ profitability and the reliability of its man- aged enterprise services. “One of the most revealing statistics for us comes when we use OmniCenter to find and analyze potential problems. We’re proud to tell our customers that greater than 95 percent of all network issues are identified by OmniCenter before a human can even notice them. That means our customers are saving expense on IT people having to respond to multiple issues on their networks. And that can be a massive savings in both fixed personnel costs and downtime,” Pedersen shared.

OmniCenter technology enables iPass to deliver an essential, integrated enterprise-level monitoring and reporting solution.

“If you don’t have a really excellent monitoring solution such as OmniCenter, then you’re relying on somebody manually reporting an issue. Then, you could experience network outages that extend for hours, or even days. There are a lot of different factors that should be considered when you do a quantitative return on investment for this.”


Benefits to iPass Managed Network Services

  • Wrapped into the iPass Managed Network Services package, OmniCenter provides iPass and its customers with enhanced end-to-end management of their Wide Area Networks.
  • OmniCenter delivers real-time, endpoint monitoring and all the data necessary to effectively meet and report on service level agreement requirements
  • iPass network managers are able to proactively watch for network issues 24x7x365 and interdict them well before they require a potentially expensive reactive solution.
  • The additional services enabled by OmniCenter produce a handsome ROI in terms of overall lower costs, improved customer relations and enhanced revenue growth.
  • OmniCenter’s flexibility in meeting requirements of iPass MNS and its customers for specific monitoring functions saves time and money while enhancing iPass’ competitive position in the managed network services marketplace.
  • The ease with which OmniCenter meshes with the iPass Managed Network Services package provides a seamless solution for rapid customer implementation.
  • Ongoing development of new enhancements and tailored upgrades by the Netreo team conserve time and resources that iPass would otherwise have to devote to infrastructure and software development.